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Born on  January 6, 1946 in Sultanabad, Iran. In 1947 he moved with his family to Yerevan, Armenia.

After high school he entered the Academy of Fine Arts of the Artistic-Theatrical Institute of Yerevan, where he studied for three years.  

In 1971, Iszchan moved to Warsaw, Poland and began his studies at the Academy of Fine Art, Warsaw, during the academic year 1972/3.

He graduated in 1975 with an MFA degree  in the faculty of painting.

In 1983 Iszchan moved to Chicago, USA. 

Presently he resides in Warm Mineral Springs, Florida where he continues to paint and weave in his private studio.


Painting is my World and the sun fills me with wonder. I have been painting since my childhood. The rough Armenian nature, the sun, mountains and stony landscape have always been my inspiration. Although I have been living in Poland for ten years which I regard as my second fatherland, the sun od Armenia has a great meaning to me. Those, who know Armenia, may think that my pictures are too colourful, but my fatherland is such. It is still with me and influences my painting.

Every artist, who creates, participates in the cultural and social life of the country. By his creation he tries to raise and to improve mans' view of the World and human relationships. He attempts to awake people's sensitivity to all phenomena of the World in which we live.

Henryk Igitian
Critic of Art,Member of the Union of Soviet Plastic Artists

Iszchan uses his colours with ease, showing no preference for a particular hue. His painting is inhibited, varied, decorative. Not infreguently he pays attention to details producing contrasts and enhancing the works' appeal.

Iszchan improvises freely and diversifies his workmanships, his imaginery is infinite. His might may be compared to that of volcano which will explode and scatter fragments of rock all around whether you like it or not. Glory and fame? A loss of sense of proportion? Nothing of the sort.

He has tremendous faith and talent, which as is known, rarely go together. Quite often ewrudition plus some advertising create an illusion of talent which sometimes dupes even sophisticated art critics. But Iszchan has great talent and his name will soon be known to all.

He is self-critical to the extreme. Even his most succesful paintings he views as only a stage in his artistic pursuits. His intuition and bonds with the current problems of art in our time make him a truly contemporary painter.



Not long after Iszchan was born in Sultanabad, Iran his Armenian parents decided to move to Erevan, Armenia. Iszchan’s father, a chemical engineer, was offered a job at a paint factory in Erevan. The family soon grew to include 9 children and life became more challenging in Soviet occupied Armenia.


Iszchan speaks of his childhood as a time of poverty and hunger but also as a time of innocence, beauty and friendship. In grade school he was not favored as a pupil since he did not devote much time to study. In fact his notebooks were filled with drawings and scribbles rather than homework assignments. Art was consistently the only class that he excelled in. Despite Iszchan’s artistic inclinations he completed the Technical Institute of Electronic Machines in Erevan. He did not continue on this path, however, and after trying his hand in a broad range of jobs including barber and bricklayer in 1968 he enrolled at the Academy of Fine and Theatrical Arts in Erevan.


While still an art student, Iszchan met his future wife through a mutual friend. Elizabeth is Polish and upon their marriage the couple settled near Warsaw in Poland. Iszchan continued his studies at the Warsaw Academy of Art, which he completed with a Masters degree in the faculty of painting and tapestry making in the year 1974. He began to exhibit his works in Poland and in other European countries. Quickly his talent was recognized and reviews of his works were favorable, even enthusiastic.

In 1983 the Nazarian family (including wife Elizabeth and two daughters) emigrated to the USA. They first settled and lived in Chicago, Illinois. Within two months of arrival, the family received permanent resident status in the USA due to Iszchan’s impressive artistic resume and portfolio. In the year 2000 the Nazarian’s moved to North Port, Florida. It is in the provincial sun drenched Florida that Iszchan admits he feels like a child again. The beauty of nature and the warmth of the sun give him energy and joy. But nature is not the ultimate force that inspires him. Iszchan credits God with all his artistic and personal accomplishments. With a subtle smile and assuredness of voice he explains, “God is creation and creativity itself. God gives us artists a little ray of his own light. I am lucky and I thank God for this gift.”

207 Ortiz Blvd.
North Port
FL 34287, USA
tel: 1.941.426-7559

For private studio visit or business please contact: Elizabeth Nazarian, tel. 1.941.426-7559 email

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